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Here in the Fraser Valley, BC, a great choice for reliable, safe, and comfortable heating are natural gas boilers. Here at Luxury Climate HVAC, we provide installation and service of advanced high efficiency gas boilers for home owners in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Surrey, Mission and the surrounding area.

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Boiler Installations

Boilers distribute heat utilizing radiant heating. Most commonly heated water is distributed to baseboard radiant where it releases its energy to your living space. For water boilers, alternative distribution systems include hot water baseboards, air handlers, or comfortable radiant heating. In all of these configurations, you can have multiple zones that each have their own thermostat to provide efficiency and precise temperature control throughout your home.

If you are considering replacing an existing boiler, our service techs will inspect your existing system and recommend a range of system choices that would meet your needs from SuperHot®.

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

SuperHot® Condensing Gas Boilers

A great choice for Fraser Valley homeowners are HSE high efficiency gas boilers from SuperHot®. Among the most versatile heating appliances in Canada, they combine domestic hot water and central heating in a single compact unit. Key features include:

  • High Efficiency: Condensing boiler with up to 95% AFUE efficiency.
  • Double High Efficiency Heat Exchanger: A multi-pass heat exchanger with dual copper waterways allow all heating to be done in a single, compact and cost effective unit. No need for diverter valve, pump, hot water plate exchanger, or air pressure switch.
  • Low noise levels: Whisper quiet operation low installation adjacent to primary living areas.
  • Multiple venting options: Low exhaust gas temperatures allow use of PVC, CPVC, polypropylene (rigid and flexible) and stainless steel venting reducing installation time and costs. System venting up to 85'.
  • Fully Modulating Operation: The sophisticated gas flow control system provides a high turndown ratio of 5:1 reducing energy waste and excessive combi-boiler cycling and enhances temperature control for DHW.
  • Space Saving Wall Hung Design: Does not require traditional utility space.

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

SuperHot® Gas Boiler Rebates

Our local natural gas provider, FortisBC, offers rebates of up to $1500 for the installation of a new EverHot® HSE condensing gas boiler. Click here for details.

Boiler Repair Service Chilliwack, BC

If you need to help with your existing high efficiency boiler, we’re here to help. With decades of professional boiler service experience, our Red Seal Certified, licensed and insured boiler techs can help. Whether it is an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance we’ll be there when you need us. We service all high efficiency boiler brands and stock most parts necessary to get your home warm again.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Modern gas fired tankless water heaters are compact heating units that do not store hot water like traditional tank-type water heaters but generate hot water as it is needed. When a hot water demand is created by a faucet or shower, the unit detects water flow that fires the tankless heater and quickly raises the water temperature to a precise outlet temperature.

Because tankless heaters do not store water, and the fact that they are built to last, their expected life is typically more than 20 years, compared with 10 - 15 years for traditional heaters.

The staff at Luxury Comfort HVAC are tankless water heating experts. We offer tankless water heaters from industry leader Rinnai to Fraser Valley, BC homeowners. Key benefits of Rinnai tankless water heaters include:

  • Rinnai condensing tankless heaters have UEI efficiencies of up to 93%, saving hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs in most applications.
  • They take up little or no floor space because their compact wall hung design does not require traditional utility space.
  • They can be vented without a chimney and are sealed-combustion for safety.
  • There are over 21 Rinnai EnergyStar Qualified models.
  • Never run out of hot-water again: Rinnai water heaters provide endless hot water.
  • Up to a 12 year heat exchanger warranty in residential settings

If you're curious to know if a Rinnai tankless water heater is the right choice for your family contact us and one of our licensed and factory trained tankless technicians will evaluate the application and help you decide if a Rinnai tankless unit is right for you.

Luxury Climate HVAC

  • We are locally owned and operated by William Lees. We are based just north of the Fraser River in Agassiz, BC. We offer complete heating and cooling services to Fraser Valley residents in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, and Mission, BC.
  • Luxury Climate is an AirEase Comfort Team dealer. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.
  • All of our heating technicians are Red Seal Certified, factory trained, licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Fraser Valley climate.
  • Luxury Climate Client Hub: We feature our Client Hub. We securely store all of your Luxury Climate information in one place. All of your invoices, equipment reports, quotes, appointments, and work requests are stored securely online and accessible to you at any time. Through our Client Hub, you can approve quotes and process payments with a few clicks. All that is required is an email address. We are here to make your life easier.
Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate


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