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With our temperate climate, central heat pumps have been an excellent choice for homes in the Fraser Valley for decades.
At Luxury Climate HVAC, we have the training and experience to properly repair and maintain heat pump systems from Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Trane, York, and more.

Bryant offers a wide selection of heat pumps for residential installation, which we choose to install for our customers needing new or replacement systems.

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Do you need our help?

Surprisingly often, one of our heat pump technicians finds that a service call solution was really simple and could have been solved by the owner. If you check these items before you call, you might save time and money:

  •   System Controls:
    • Check your thermostat settings. Make sure that at least one zone is set to on and the desired temperature is set well below ambient for cooling operation, or well above ambient for heating operation.
    • If your thermostats have batteries, change them now.
  •   Power Supply:
    • Check your indoor emergency system switch to ensure it is on. This is typically a toggle switch that may have a red cover plate near the entrance to your utility space.
    • Check your circuit breaker to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat pump system does have power.
    • Check the outdoor disconnect to make sure it is on.
  •   Heat Pumps Operations:
    • In Heat Mode, Is Defrost On? If you are operating in the heat mode, make sure that your system is not in “Defrost” mode. If it is "defrost" should complete within a few minutes and heating operations should then resume.
    • Consider the Time Delay: If your breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  •   Check System Airflow
    • Check your indoor unit filters. If your filters have not been changed lately, change them now.
    • Make sure that the grilles / registers in your duct system are open and free of obstructions.
    • Check you outdoor unit coils. Is it obstructed with leaves or debris? Clean the coil if you can do so without damaging the outdoor coil. You might need our help on this one.

After checking these items, if your central heat pump system is still not running properly call us and we’ll dispatch a professional service tech to help!

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

Heat Pump Repair Specialists

Regardless of the year, make and model of your heat pump, you can rely on Luxury Comfort HVAC for professional heat pump repairs. Typical heat pump trouble spots include:

  •   Improper Installation:
    • System Sizing: Proper system sizing is critical. If the unit is too large the system will short cycle and not dehumidify properly in the summer. If it's too small it will not have enough capacity in extreme weather.
    • Refrigerant Charge: If the refrigerant lines between the indoor and outdoor units are improperly installed it can result in a loss of refrigerant over time, and loss of system capacity.
    • Condensation leaks: Indoor units installed out of level, or improperly installed condensate lines resulting in water leaks during cooling operation.
    • Improper wiring: Improperly sized power supply to outdoor unit resulting in dimming lights on unit start, or nuisance break trips. * Outdoor unit icing during heating operation caused by snow or ice accumulation
  •   Improper Maintenance:
    • Dirty indoor unit filters resulting in lower indoor airflow, icing indoor units during cooling, and loss of systems capacity.
    • Dirt outdoor unit coil resulting in loss of capacity and nuisance system trips
  • Other Common Failures:
    • System or a zone fails to start
    • Noisy operation indoors or out
    • Changes in heating or cooling capability over time

Central Heat Pump Tune-ups

Consistent pre-season maintenance will ensure reliable operation, higher efficiency, and a longer service life of equipment. We offer attractive heat pump maintenance programs. Before the heating and cooling seasons, we'll clean and check your outdoor unit, replace your air filters, and carefully run-test your system to make sure your system is in peak condition for the coming season. We'll reach-out to you to schedule your complete pre-seasonal tune-up. Click here for details.

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate


We provide high-quality HRV, Media Filters, or UV Light repair, maintenance, or installations.

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Luxury Climate HVAC

  • We are locally owned and operated by Sarah and William Lees. We are based just north of the Fraser River in Agassiz, BC. We offer complete heating and cooling services to Fraser Valley residents in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope and Mission, BC.
  • Luxury Climate installs Bryant unitary equipment. We supply and install Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Carrier, Tosot, and Moovair mini-split and multi-split brands.
  • We have Red Seal Certified, factory-trained, licensed, and insured technicians. We have decades of experience meeting our Fraser Valley climate's unique challenges.
  • Luxury Climate ensures high-quality service by providing our co-workers with industry-leading wages, benefits, and training from local 516.
Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate


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