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When your air conditioning system isn't working right, your one call should be Luxury Climate HVAC. We provide air conditioning service for Fraser Valley homeowners with decades of local experience. We service and maintain all AC brands.

Our factory trained, Red Seal Certified, and insured air conditioning technicians can service all major air conditioning brands. We stock all the standard parts we will likely need to get your system back up and operating.

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Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

Can you save time and money?

A significant portion of our early summer service calls turn out to be an issue that could have been resolved by the owner. Perhaps you can save time and money by checking these things before you call:

  • Check System Power:
    • Check your indoor furnace or air handler system switch. Make sure your "SYSTEM SWITCH" is set to "ON". This switch is typically a traditional toggle switch that may have a RED cover-plate.
    • Check your circuit breaker panel to ensure that your heating system breaker is "ON".
    • Check your outdoor unit disconnect: The disconnect is typically a box on the wall near the AC outdoor unit. Make sure that it is set to "ON."
  • Thermostat Settings:
    • If your thermostat has batteries, change them now and try again.
    • Make sure your thermostat is "ON", is set to "COOL", and the desired room temperature is set lower than the current ambient temperature.
  • Indoor Airflow Issues:
    • Is your furnace or air handler filter clean? Change your furnace filter and re-start your system.
    • Check your duct system inlets and outlets. Are almost all open and clear of obstructions?
  • Other Issues:
    • If your thermostat or the system power was off, after turning the system on give it a few minutes - many AC systems have a time-delay function on start-up.
    • If your system is blowing cool air, but not cooling as well as it should, check your outdoor unit to ensure there is nothing blocking airflow through the outdoor coil. PLEASE NOTE: Be very careful not to damage the fins on your outdoor coil and call us if you need help!

Professional Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning problems are often caused by improper installation or maintenance. Common air conditioning problems that you'll need professional help with include:

  • Installation Issues:

    • Improper Equipment Sizing: Bigger isn't better when it comes to cooling equipment. Rooms will be too hot or too cold, and system short cycling causes improper dehumidification.
    • Undersized Ductwork: If duct systems are not properly sized some areas can be over cooled leaving other rooms that are too hot.
    • Condensate Problems: Water accumulating below your air handler
    • Refrigerant Leaks: Air conditioning is not turning on or not cooling
    • Thermostat not working properly: Improper programming or wiring problems
  • Deferred Maintenance Issues:

    • Dirty Filters, Obstructed Indoor Coil, or Obstructed Grilles or Registers: Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice.
    • Obstructed or Clogged Outdoor Coils: Lower system capacity and not cooling properly.
  • Age Related Component Failures:

    • Breaker Trips: Breaker to the outdoor has unit tripped more than once potentially indicating improper wiring or potential compressor, fan motor, or capacitor issues.
    • Fan or Blower Motors: A persistent vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
    • Unusual Odors: Near the outdoor unit, or coming from the ductwork outlets.

We will thoroughly evaluate your air conditioning system problem and prepare a complete job estimate. We know our customers want accurate information and no surprises.

If your air conditioning system is more than 12 years old and needs significant or costly repairs, we'll let you know, and may also suggest upgrading to a new and efficient Bryant air conditioning system.


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AC Maintenance Programs

We offer air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance agreements. If your AC system is fine today but you want the peace of mind of a properly maintained system, give us a call. We can perform a complete air conditioning check. We’ll inspect your system, if necessary clean your indoor and outdoor coils, change your indoor air filter, inspect your refrigerant lines, and test run your system to ensure proper operation.

We also offer attractive AC maintenance agreements. With it, you'll get the complete peace-of-mind or a well cared for HVAC system. Click here for details.

Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate
Heating services are a call away with Luxury Climate

Luxury Climate HVAC

  • We are locally owned and operated by Sarah and William Lees. We are based just north of the Fraser River in Agassiz, BC. We offer complete heating and cooling services to Fraser Valley residents in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope and Mission, BC.
  • Luxury Climate installs Bryant unitary equipment. We supply and install Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Carrier, Tosot, and Moovair mini-split and multi-split brands.
  • We have Red Seal Certified, factory-trained, licensed, and insured technicians. We have decades of experience meeting our Fraser Valley climate's unique challenges.
  • Luxury Climate ensures high-quality service by providing our co-workers with industry-leading wages, benefits, and training from local 516.


We provide high-quality HRV, Media Filters, or UV Light repair, maintenance, or installations.

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